London in the Thirties Part 2 (DVD)


DVD Film of London in the thirties. Film and archive footage showing 1930's London on the brink of war.

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By the middle of the 1930s, unemployment is creating political unrest. In the East End, the Battle of Cable Street leads to a ban on political uniforms.

Cars are congesting London’s streets, and the Government considers removing trams and horses. Gatwick aerodrome is opened, and plans are discussed for a city centre airport.

HG Wells offends Muslims with a new book, the Crystal Palace burns down and the King abdicates. As the decade draws to a close, events in Munich bring the capital to the brink of war.

Please note: This title has been re-released as ‘A Time Gone By: Life in the 1930s Pt2’ (TRNC17).

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