The Swinging Sixties: Life in the 1960s Part 1 (DVD)


Nostalgia film footage of the swinging sixties fashion, music and culture. Take a trip to a time when supermarkets, televisions and minis are new and exciting. Where creativity and culture are thriving but criminals still make headlines.


Britain is on the verge of a new era. Gleaming office blocks are replacing bombsites. This is an age of television, Minis and new supermarkets.

London is the centre of fashion and new music with young people in the forefront of creativity and culture. In addition Soho gambling clubs are run by criminals whose activities also make headlines.

The period is still one of contrasts – from the gritty docks to the glamorous Miss World contests, from the equality of music to the constraints of the class system. This documentary film is a panorama of life during the first half of the Sixties – seen through the eyes of the nation’s capital city.

Please note: Previously released as London in the 60’s Part 1.

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