Carnaby Street and Beyond: Life in the 1960s Part 2 (DVD)


Nostalgia unique film footage of the 1960’s culture in Britain. A facinating decade of creativity, fashion and music all going through a revolution of change.


Swinging London is the centre of the world. Class and tradition are being challenged by a groovy new youth culture which embraces music, drugs and risqué fashion.

It is one of the most exciting times to live in Britain. But underneath the surface, old problems like housing and racial tensions persist.

From the 1966 World Cup to the anti-Vietnam riots, the Swinging Sixties saw everything from mini-skirts to the Rolling Stones.

This extraordinary documentray film is a panorama of an incredible decade – seen through the eyes of the nation’s capital city.

Please note: Previously released as London in the 60’s Part 2.

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