A Time Gone By: Life in the 1930s Part 2 (DVD)


The 1930’s a decade of facinating history, The king abdicates the throne, cars begin to take preference on the streets and unemployment is still high. Take a look ate the second part of the 1930’s in detail through unique archive footage.


The second half of the 1930s is even more tumultuous than the first. The Cable Street riots of 1936 are just the start. Unemployment is still a curse on the nation, but the Government considers removing trams and horses to make room for an increasing number of car drivers.

To top it all the King abdicates and as the decade draws to a close, events in Munich bring the country to the brink of war.

The unique footage of this film takes you to the heart of this remarkable period in British history.

Please note: Previously released as London in the 30’s Part 2.

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